Welcome to The Bella Foundation! The Bella is founded on the spirit of love and contribution with transformation and empowerment at the focal point.  My mission is to contribute to humanity in such a way that we break the cycle of domestic violence by providing a pathway to many resources available.

The driving force behind my passion for this cause is my daughter Isabella, hence “The Bella.”  I am proud to stand as a role model for my daughter to break the vicious cycle of domestic violence.

People have been placed in my life, events have occurred and I have been faced with circumstances that allow me to not only have a heart of contribution towards this cause, it has also given me a fierce ambition to be an advocate and make an impact in people’s lives; Empowering others to leverage resources to heal from deep scars, to embrace their resiliency and continue life with bold perseverance.

Although at a fraction of what millions of victims suffer from, my life has been impacted by Domestic Violence.   As a result, I am involved with creating awareness of resources available to victims and survivors.  I have been the spear-head of many donation campaigns to contribute to the community’s shelters and provided donations for resources available to victims and survivors.   I am now embarking on a new journey with a clear vision with laser like focus on the result; Changing and transforming lives.

Domestic Violence is life threatening, not only to victims that are actively living in this horror, but also for survivors coping with the after effects.  Behavior is learned; abuse and violence are repeatedly carried from generation to generation.  Domestic violence is not a singular incident, it’s an insidious issue and deeply rooted into our culture.

  • Every nine seconds a woman is beaten.

  • One of seven men are victims of Domestic Violence.

  • On average a victim attempts to leave 7 times before they finally leave for good.

  • Domestic Violence is the leading cause to homelessness among families.

  • Five children die each day as a result of being in a home of Domestic violence- more than three out of four are under the age of four.

I find these statistics appalling ….and these are just a few for me to share with you.  It is my mission to empower people to live the lives they deserve to live; lives that are joyful, loving and peaceful.   Lives that allow resolution through communication, understanding and love.

Please join me in this mission!

Nicole & Her Daughter Bella